I am working on a mystery that opens in Paris on June 14, 1940 when the Nazis marched in and their occupation began. My narrator, Sophie Pelletier, is American, a woman who has made a terrible mistake. In a haze of passion, she left her husband and, worse, young daughter and ran off with a Frenchman.

After thirteen months in Paris, living for the moments when her lover, Dr. Alain Jolis, can steal away to spend time with her, Sophie sees that Alain lied to her about everything. And that she is like every other other woman. This is the story of a woman seeking redemption. Sophie is Anna Karenina without the train. And the backdrop is a city occupied by Nazis. Danger is around every corner, especially after Dr. Jolis is found murdered.

For now I am calling this novel, Paris in the Dark. The beginning won first place in a literary competition. I wrote that beginning while I was in Paris last summer. I may need to return to finish the first draft.

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