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In the summer of the odd years

Once upon a time we Delta Zetas lived under the same roof in that funny white house on Fifth Street in Greenville, NC. There we learned to use parachutes to cover the living room ceiling that was falling down. There…Continue Reading →

Negative Capability

I tell my workshop writers not to outline. Outlines are intended to keep you focused, moving from one topic to another. But the creative writer needs to take the choke collar off his imagination, so it can wander. If writers…Continue Reading →

In Memory of Us

Our bed is verdant, The beams of our house are cedars Our rafters are firs My lover has gone down to his garden To gather lilies, still I am my lover’s and my lover is mine. Song of Solomon My…Continue Reading →

Still You Remain

Yesterday would have been your 73rd birthday if you had lived. If you had lived: words that stop me. In your honor, your son and I had our first cookout at the new house. The day was unnaturally warm for…Continue Reading →

If You’re Going to San Francisco…

Thus far 2017 has been a bumpy ride. Last week I got some scary health news that thankfully resolved nicely. Almost simultaneously I got some wonderful news about my new novel, which I had entered in the Soul-Making Keats Literary…Continue Reading →