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Book Tea!

Since January 2012, I’ve received invitations to book teas, held in private homes, where the featured guest is the recently published book. One of my friends with a gorgeous house offered to give one for my book, Falling Women and…Continue Reading →

Writing from Life

More than ten years ago, Sunil Freeman, Assistant Director of the Writer’s Center, called and asked if I would like to teach “Writing from Life.” “What is it?” I wanted to know.

Meeting My Publisher!

  “How will I know you?” I ask my publisher, Sheryl Dunn, President of Shelfstealers. She’s meeting me at the airport in Leon, Mexico. I’ve worked with this woman for over a year, emailing almost daily, sharing my fiction and…Continue Reading →

Breaking the Silence

“The twinkling of an eye will take as long as I say, and will, if I wish, divide into tiny eternities, full of bullets stopped in mid-flight. Not a thing will happen unless I say so.” Wislawa Szymborska (July 2,…Continue Reading →

Setting: the Where and When of Fiction

I love to read about World War II on the Channel Islands, the only English-speaking territory occupied by the Nazis. I got hooked on this setting in Tim Binder’s Sleeping With the Enemy. Proof I loved this book: I finished…Continue Reading →

Internet Matchmakers

I was looking for a Ukranian mate, a partner, someone who would stay with me, be my wife,” said American Cary Dolego to the Associated Press. “All the Slavic ladies in this part of the world are delightful.”